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Maintenance regimes that include machinery Condition Monitoring (CM) are now a fully fledged function of all asset management (AM) regimes. Preventative maintenance systems and the data generated by them including work schedules, stock inventory requests, Method statements and risk assessments etc are generated as a function of CM activities and are very much dependant on all aspects of them. The components of the system enable it to be called a predictive maintenance system.

The relevant expertise and equipment requirements are an important component of the system itself. People and equipment are indeed the most important part and it cannot function without them.

PBX Petrochemical are well placed to fulfil client requirements with a full inventory of technical equipment and a pool of competent Engineers trained and competent at all aspects of AM and CM requirements.

The type of machines and machine locations throughout the world is infinitely variable and therefore so are the maintenance demands which constantly measure the competency of our Engineers.  As a result Engineers have a number of specialties and are trained in the use of specialist Equipment that is designed to and enhance some individual competencies.

listed below are some of the CM family we offer and are part of the PBX portfolio.

  1. Vibration monitoring and investigations.
  2. Laser alignment and testing.
  3. Online monitoring and systems.
  4. Infra red Thermography.
  5. Reciprocating machinery Performance and analysis.
  6. Balancing.

We can work in most environments and anywhere throughout the world.

Included are some case studies of projects carried out for a number of important client throughout the world and over a number of years. This work has added to our experiences and consequently our expertise.